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In addition to annual tax preparation, Paramount Tax will also review your last three years of taxes. If your previous tax returns were self-prepared there is a high likelihood you may have missed out on valuable deductions. If you made a mistake that cost the IRS, they will be sure to alert you. But if you made a mistake that caused you to miss out on returns the IRS will not be so forthcoming. Paramount Tax is experienced in preparing returns for both personal and small business taxes and we are familiar with all deductions and claims. If our review service finds that your taxes were filed properly and you are not missing any returns, then it is completely free.

Common Overlooked Tax Deductions:

  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) - 25% of tax filers miss this deduction that could bring thousands of dollars back to lower income households. Many are unaware that they qualify for this refundable tax credit and miss out on their valuable return.
  • Filing Status - If you choose the wrong filing status you could be missing out on a substantial return. This is a common mistake as filing statuses can change regularly.
  • Student Loans and other Education Credits - Students or parents of students are entitled to returns and credits based off of education loans.
  • Charity Contributions - If you made out of pocket contributions to charities, participated in charitable events, or drove your car for charity work and didn’t mention it on your tax return, then you may have missed out on a deduction.

These are just a few of the commonly missed deductions and credits when tax season rolls around. Paramount Tax knows that filing taxes can be stressful and confusing - that is why we offer various tax services. We take the time to properly file your tax return so that you earn every penny you deserve.

For tax preparation, it is best to rely on professionals. Our accountants work closely with CPAs and the Paramount Tax team guarantees the best tax services. Because we know that self filing is confusing, we are offering our tax review service free of charge. If we found you missed deductions and the estimated return is significant, we will then file the amended tax returns for you! Contact us today to schedule your 3-year tax review and to inquire about optimizing your current tax year filing.

Contact one of the top accounting firms for any Free Tax Reviews related questions. We are happy to assist any way we can!

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