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Featured Articles May 2018

Post by: Sam on May 24th 2018

With the price of Bitcoin hitting record highs in 2017, many Bitcoin holders cashed out not realizing the impact it could have on their tax bill. Many people, for example, did not understand that it was a reportable transaction and found themselves with a hefty tax bill--money they may have been hard-pressed to come up with at tax time. Others may have been unaware that they needed to report their transactions at all or failed to do so because it seemed too complicated.
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Featured Articles April 2018

Post by: Sam on May 14th 2018

Five Tax Provisions Retroactively Extended for 2017 - 1. Mortgage Insurance Premiums. 2. Exclusion of Discharge of Principal Residence Indebtedness. 3. Energy Saving Home Improvements. 4. Qualified Tuition and Expenses. 5. Deductible Expenses for Live Theatrical Productions
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Featured Articles March 2018

Post by: Susan on Mar 12th 2018

The health care law contains tax provisions that affect employers. The size and structure of a workforce--small or large--helps determine which parts of the law apply to which employers. Calculating the number of employees is especially important for employers that have close to 50 employees or whose workforce fluctuates during the year.
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Featured Articles February 2018

Post by: Amber on Feb 7th 2018

You should receive a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, from each of your employers for use in preparing your federal tax return. Employers must furnish this record of 2017 earnings and withheld taxes no later than January 31, 2018 (allow several days for delivery if mailed).
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Featured Articles for January 2018

Post by: Amber on Jan 22nd 2018

Summary of all posts for January 2018 from Paramount.

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