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Paterson Accounting Services is now Paramount Tax & Accounting Jensen Beach

Posted on Oct 1st 2023

We are excited to announce that Paterson Accounting Services is now under the name of Paramount Tax & Accounting Jensen Beach.
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How to Use Your Tax Refund to Boost Your Small Business

Posted on Sep 29th 2023

With more than 6,800 pages of US tax code, it can be hard to decipher whether your small business qualifies for a tax refund. It’s complicated. It’s a headache. It’s something that makes you grimace each year. But, if you end up with a nice tax return when you’re finished, it’s a great chance to invest in your business, your employees and your future.

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Summer Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on Sep 15th 2023

Summer is a season of sunshine, vacations, and relaxation, but for small business owners, it can be a challenging time. With employees taking time off and potential slowdowns in sales, small business owners need to be proactive in their accounting practices to ensure they remain financially stable.

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6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Bookkeeping

Posted on Mar 23rd 2023

Spring is the perfect time to clean and organize not just your home but also your bookkeeping system. At Paramount Tax, we understand how essential it is for small business owners to have an efficient and organized bookkeeping system. If your bookkeeping is a mess at the beginning of the year, here are six tips on how to spring-clean your bookkeeping system to set you up for simple success.

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How to Prepare for Tax Season Now

Posted on Feb 7th 2023

Though the 2022 tax season is officially over, there are plenty of things you can do now to help you get ahead of the game for the 2023 tax season. Making sure you have all the correct documents and information ahead of time will help you avoid any hiccups when tax season arrives. Here are some tips on preparing for the upcoming tax season, brought to you by the professionals at Paramount Tax.

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