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Franchise Inquiry
Franchise Inquiry
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The Industry Leader in Tax Preparation is Now Offering Franchise Opportunities in Your Area

Over the past 4 years, we have doubled the number of Paramount Tax and Accounting franchise locations across the United States. Our franchisees’ unmatched success has been paramount to our expansive growth. Please keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits of franchising with us.

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Meet Our Owners

Today, we believe that the Paramount tax and accounting franchise system is the strongest in the industry. As we continue to grow, we are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs to share in the success of the brand.

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Why Paramount Tax & Accounting?

The are numerous reasons to own a Paramount tax franchise. Our franchise has very low entry and recurring costs with excellent margins. It operates in a nearly recession-proof industry and has a well proven history of success. Joining the Paramount brand has never made more sense.

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The Paramount Difference

At Paramount Tax, we're known for providing comprehensive tax preparation and financial services to organizations, individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. By consistently delivering high quality services, our accounting & bookkeeping franchise has built a reputation for integrity among clients seeking quick, accurate and expert guidance on a variety of tax and business needs. Now we're ready to have our success build yours.

We provide tax preparation, tax planning and a variety of financial services, including: small business accounting, payroll services, estate planning, and more.
Through our franchise partnership, you'll have an opportunity to access more capital, expert support and increased visibility.
We are creating a network of tax franchises carefully selected for the quality and reputation of their firms. Our clients meet directly with tax professionals to ensure higher quality returns and larger refunds.
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A Recession-Proof Industry

"Nothing is certain except death and taxes."
- Benjamin Franklin

Taxes have historically risen year over year and filing personal taxes has increased in complexity, so professional tax advisors have never been in higher demand than they are now. Paramount’s annual growth has far exceeded the average CPA firm in the US and that of the overall industry.

$110 Billion

Tax & Accounting Industry in the US

3.4% Growth

Of Overall Industry Per IBISWorld

4-5% Growth

Typical CPA Firm Annual Growth

100% Growth

Annual Growth for Paramount
Paramount insignia.

The Numbers




Franchise Fee


Marketing Fee


Gross Sales*

$67,100 - $152,000

Total Investment
*Average gross sales of franchisees in business at least 2 years

“When I worked in corporate America, a single boss could put me out of work and turn my life upside down. Now that I own a Paramount franchise, I have over 1,000 clients/bosses. If one of them fires me, there are still 999 behind them, supporting my business.”

— Jeff Kessler, MBA & CPA

A cut out image of Jeff Kessler - a Paramount location owner.
A cut out image of Jeff Kessler - a Paramount location owner.

“When I worked in corporate America, a single boss could put me out of work and turn my life upside down. Now that I own a Paramount franchise, I have over 1,000 clients/bosses. If one of them fires me, there are still 999 behind them, supporting my business.”

— Jeff Kessler, MBA & CPa

The Opportunity

With over a hundred years of combined experience, our network of licensed professionals has seen it all and is ready to help support you in building a wildly successful tax and accounting practice. There are many reasons to own a Paramount franchise, including:

Low Cost
Flexibility & Growth
Expert Marketing
Nearly Uncapped Scalability
Unparalleled Unit Economics

Available Territories

Paramount Tax and Accounting is an industry leader in advanced tax strategies and unconventional profit centers for tax firms. We currently have 60+ franchise locations in the US. We have availability for new locations in most markets in the United States. For more information, please call us or download our franchise report using the form below.

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Franchise Locations






Years of Experience


Company Founded


Franchise Inception

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  • Mr. Ralph Carico provided excellent service, handling everything and ensuring quick and efficient withdrawals. I highly recommend him to anyone facing trading difficulties. His expertise and support are invaluable.
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  • We've had nothing but great experiences with both Jeffrey and Sidney! Highly recommend!
  • Amanda Kluesner
    Jenny with Paramount is wonderful! I cannot recommend her enough! If you need an accountant, use her! Thank you, Jenny! Youโ€™re a rockstar of the tax world!
  • Casey Luke
    I have been going to Jon for years, Sydney Rocks the Kazbah!! I feel like family!!
  • Gordon-Leslie Robinson
    We went to Paramount Tax in South Jordan and they were great. We recommended them to our family members. They saved us a lot of money. We will be going back>
  • Ralph C. Petty
    Paramount has done my taxes for the last three years. They have been great. They find every deduction and benefit that they can to save me money. They go the extra mile, help with all the questions, and take all of the pressure of taxes away. Their charges are reasonable and fair. They are first rate!!

Ready to Get Started?

A Unique Franchising Opportunity

Our bookkeeping franchise is here to help individuals, CPAs, and small tax firms find the organization and access support and resources necessary to compete with big name tax preparers. Franchising with Paramount Tax gives you the training, job security and flexibility you need to find success—no matter your level of experience. What are you waiting for?

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Franchise Inquiry

Director of Franchise Sales
Phone: 877-829-1120
Email: [email protected]

Director of franchise sales Jon Wilhelm - learn more.

Jon A Wilhelm, MBA & CPA

Our Ideal Candidate

At Paramount Tax and Accounting, we have two ideal candidates for our franchise. The first is a financial professional, Accountant, Bookkeeper, CPA, Attorney, or Enrolled Agent that wants to start a business of their own. Paramount Tax and Accounting can help that financial professional launch their business quickly and grow their business rapidly using our successful business model. The second ideal candidate is the entrepreneur that wants to grow his or her business portfolio with a low cost/high return franchise that supports their other business interests.

Paramount Tax and Accounting is a great investment opportunity for the entrepreneur who can manage a hired CPA in a small office. This semi-passive owner would help only with marketing and networking to help grow the business. Both ideal candidates have already found success with Paramount Tax and Accounting!

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Business Acumen
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No Previous Experience Needed
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