Paramount Tax Preparation Franchise

Franchise with Ongoing Training & Support

We want you to succeed as a new franchisee, so we’ll make sure you receive the training and support necessary to do so.

Paramount Tax management will provide franchisees with a week-long initial training at our Utah headquarters, or another designated location, starting about two to four weeks before your scheduled business opening. Early instruction covers administrative, operational, sales and marketing details and includes a generous amount of on-the-job training to familiarize you, and potentially your assistant or office manager, with our services.

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Onsite Training

Our tax preparation franchise opportunities include further training in Phase II that involves two-three days of onsite instruction provided by an experienced Paramount Tax representative at your location.

Occasionally, training may involve a job shadowing, or ride along, during a client visit made by a current tax professional. Commencement of operations is contingent upon the franchisee successfully completing Phase I training, and continued operations depends upon the subsequent completion of Phase II training. Franchisees may need to return to corporate headquarters for additional instructional programs at a later date.

We’ll train you to become qualified Paramount Tax franchisees and guide your continued success through support programs designed to keep you and your employees current and connected.

Ongoing Support

Field support may include a once-annual on-site visit by a management team member to ensure that operations, territory management and franchise agreement compliance are in order.

Examples of our support programs are:

  • Marketing Support — Paramount Tax will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies to benefit all franchise network members. We’ll also supply franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials useful at the local or regional level.
  • Site Selection — You’ll be given parameters for site selection and final approval will come from us. As franchisor, we may further help franchisees with lease negotiations and build-out process management.
  • Purchasing — Paramount Tax or its affiliate will negotiate quantity discounts on behalf of all franchisees, passing along some or all of these savings. This includes items like business supplies, marketing materials and other essential items for operating a Paramount Tax location.
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal — This department, responsible for the financial and legal oversight of franchisees, reports directly to the administration. Though franchisees may choose to do their own tax preparation, we’ll provide support and guidance on how to manage books.
  • Ongoing Research and Development — Paramount Tax management is committed to researching franchise operations methods and techniques on an ongoing basis so that we may encourage unit-level profitability. We’ll keep track of any tax code changes to ensure best practices are in place for operational innovations, ongoing training and support.
  • Franchise Sales and Overall Program Oversight — As sales goals are met and the franchise network expands, Paramount Tax expects to hire additional support personnel as needed. Our management team will work with Accurate Franchising to run the franchise company and manage the new work that accompanies its growth.