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Paramount Tax & Accounting of Chandler is a Arizona professional tax and accounting firm that utilizes licensed professionals such as CPAs, EAs and Attorneys to provide value to individuals and businesses — within Arizona and beyond — through a broad range of accounting firm services. Through dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness & quality, Paramount Tax & Accounting of Chandler is committed to providing outstanding service to our clients.

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Whether you are filing personal taxes or you own a business in the Chandler, Arizona area, if you are not already using a professional tax and accounting firm that utilizes licensed professionals such as CPAs, EAs and Attorneys, you have most likely already missed out on major tax benefits, deductions and credits. This is because professional tax & accounting firms are advisers to not only individuals on personal financial matters but are also often employ licensed professionals such as CPAs, EAs and Attorneys to advise businesses, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies on a wide range of financial topics. Contact our tax & accounting firm in Chandler to learn more about all the services our firm provides.

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I have updated my review because Roy ended up finishing my tax return on time and with better results than I was expecting. I deducted a star for less-than-stellar communication, but am happy with the end result and the price of $250 seems fair. Next year I will begin the process a few months earlier than I did this year.I ended up making arrangements for another firm to file my return a few days before the deadline, because I wasn't able to get in touch with Roy to get confirmation that he would be able to file the return in time. I cancelled with the other firm a day later, when Roy let me know that my return was in fact already complete.Original Review:I had an initial consultation with Roy on March 30th. He was about 15 minutes late to our appointment. He rents a small office in a shared office space. During the meeting he told me he needed me to email him our tax forms, which I did the following day. He said at the end of our initial consultation that after he received my forms via email, he would reply back with some paperwork that he would need filled out. After that I never heard from him again, despite multiple follow up emails and phone calls to both his office phone and cell phone. I even left a voicemail, which was never returned. Roy seemed knowledgeable about taxes during our brief meeting, but he has now left me in a precarious situation because I was relying on him and he unresponsive, and we are only a couple days away from the tax filing deadline. Absolutely terrible communicator. I wish he wouldn't have accepted the initial consultation since he clearly doesn't have time to service his customers.
— Ty W.
Posted April 12th 2018
I have updated my review because Roy ended up finishing my tax return on time and with better results than I was expecting. I deducted a star for less-than-stellar communication, but am happy with...
— Ty W.
Posted April 12th 2018
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— William Baxter
Posted February 16th 2018
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Roy is absolutely amazing!!! He is patient, funny and kind! He will make sure to help take care of anything you need or answer any questions you have! Would highly recommend him for any personal or business tax needs!
— holly wood
Posted February 16th 2018
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"I had no idea what I was missing until I found Paramount. After using the same CPA firm for 7 years, I took Paramount up on their offer to review my past 3 years of business and personal taxes. I was shocked at how much was missed and what my increase would be with Paramount. Paramount will be handling all my personal and business taxes from now on!""
- Business Owner, Amber C.

"I tell everyone about Paramount when it comes to taxes. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend them to anyone looking for a thorough review of their taxes or anyone wanting a quick and easy process. They take the time to understand your situation and get you the best outcome. Thanks Paramount!"
- Accounting Consultant, Ashley B.

"Paramount Tax saved me thousands on my tax returns and a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure everything out myself. I recommend Paramount to everyone I know!"
- Business Owner, Colby W.

"I can honestly say that this is the best CPA & Tax accounting company in Utah hands down! They saved me from over paying in taxes and went through my last years taxes and found a bunch of money my last accountant missed. Highly recommend!"
- Weston J.

"This is my second year with Paramount, they helped me find and use many write offs that I was unaware of, this helped us get a higher return. The whole experience was positive and professional. I will recommend them to my family. Thanks again!"
- Mike B.

"I'll admit, I was skeptical of going to a professional CPA over Turbo Tax, but these guys are worth every penny! Very friendly and knowledgable. I've already told my mom she needs to ditch the self-serve software and go to Paramount Tax."
- Alyssa B.

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