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Small Business Accounting

We handle your books for you so you can focus your efforts on running and growing your business.

Part-Time CFO Services

As businesses grow, the professional guidance and advice of a CFO becomes invaluable. However, a full-time CFO salary may not be within your budget yet. Our CFO service provides you with a financial expert who works closely with you to make your business more successful at a tiny fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Bank Financing

Increase your chances of receiving a successful business loan with a professionally prepared proposal. Lenders consider business loan requests that have not been properly prepared as risky. We craft our proposals based on what lenders would like to see, and we are experienced in demonstrating proof that you will have no problem paying back the loan.

Strategic Business Planning

In addition to being an important part of securing financing for your business, a Strategic Business Plan is also critical in your business’s future growth. Developing your strategic plan allows you to determine your company’s direction so all employees know what to focus on. With a clear plan, you are able to respond to events and opportunities quicker as decisions are easily made based on whether or not they align with your plan.

New Business Formation

Starting a business of your own is a thrilling and challenging experience. Your passion and excitement give you momentum to make everything happen. However, after this initial burst of excitement wears off comes the period that really determines if a business will succeed or fail.

A clear, structured plan consistently executed is required to maintain your goals of working for yourself and succeeding as a business person. We help you determine the best approach to take to you can enjoy the pleasure of running your own business while staying clear of setbacks new businesses commonly go through.

Internal Controls

Minimize loss with an evaluation of your company’s control systems by an experienced professional. We audit your internal systems to gauge how effective your processes are, then provide advice on how you can better manage resources, minimize employee theft, and increase profits.

Non-Profit Organizations

Proper IRS reporting is essential in establishing and maintaining a tax-exempt status for your non-profit organization.

Payroll Services

Did you know that on average small business owners waste eight hours every month with payroll tasks? Save time and eliminate the hassles and headaches of payroll. We ensure your employees are paid on time while meeting all IRS requirements as well as local and federal laws.

Cash Flow Management

Positive cash flow is one of the most obvious measures of a company’s health. Sometimes being a business owner is like riding a roller coaster with all of the highs and lows. When cash flow is good, life is wonderful. But few things are as stressful and demoralizing as when you’re not sure how to make the next payroll.

Business Valuation

An objective valuation of your business is essential to avoid losses and increase gains when it comes to many decisions. Some circumstances that require a valuation include:

  • New shareholders
  • Merger negotiations
  • Marital dissolution
  • Dispute resolution
  • Estate planning

Each of our business valuations are unique, drawing on our professional evaluator’s experience, financial acumen, and an intimate knowledge of your business. Our in-depth analysis of your business’s financial history and operations allows us to deliver a highly credible, defensible, and detailed valuation assessment.

Succession Planning

As an owner of a family business, retirement is a bit more complicated than simply not showing up to work. You have to deal with issues like ensuring that you are financially able to enjoy retirement and what happens to your company when you’re not around to run it.

In addition to these issue, you also have to consider your family relationships and uncomfortable conversations that deal with aging, mortality, and finances. Statistics show that 70% of family owned business are unable to successfully transition from the founder to the next generation, usually due to disagreements within the family and/or estate taxes.

Ensure that your family business survives and thrives by allowing us to help you create and execute an effective succession plan.

Save time and focus on growing your business.

Take control of your finances. Get in touch with us. We look forward to talking with you to figure out the best way we can help.


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