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Tips for Going Paperless with Bookkeeping

Posted on Jul 13th 2022


Tips for Going Paperless with Bookkeeping

Thanks to technological tools of the digital age, companies everywhere are deciding to go paperless. Going paperless in accounting can make a big difference in improving your company’s daily operations. And, as a bonus, it’s also an easy way to save money, making it a smart business move in the long run. While it may seem like a daunting idea, breaking it down into simple steps makes the process manageable. Here are a few tips for going paperless with bookkeeping, brought to you by our tax and accounting professionals

What is a Paperless Office?

A paperless office reduces or eliminates the use of physical paper in the switch to digital documents. Rather than keeping stacks of documents in file cabinets where they can easily be misplaced or damaged, bookkeeping businesses can digitize their files for easy access. These digital documents can be stored, organized, and shared on computers with just the click of a button.

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How to Create a Paperless Office

Going paperless is a process that takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by following these simple steps to a paper-free workplace:

Encourage Employees to Embrace the Change

Going paperless will be a difficult change for your workplace without encouragement. A recent survey by AIIM found that 47% of employees asked why their business did not go paperless said that the lack of manager guidance discouraged initiative. Provide support for your workplace by getting everyone on board with the idea of a paperless office, preparing tools and training for minimizing paper usage, setting goals, and leading by example.

Organize Your Paper Documents

You can’t create a paperless office without tackling the piles of paper your office has accumulated. Before you begin scanning documents, organize these files into an organizing system of your choice. This could be by client name, file date, or any other criteria you determine most appropriate.

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Digitize Your Documents

After your files are properly organized, electronic scanning and filing can begin. To keep track of your progress, mark each document after scanning and store all physical copies of scanned files for a short period to ensure that they have been properly digitized. After confirming that the digital filing was successful, you can securely dispose of these physical files and move forward as a paperless company.

Communicate the Change With Your Clients

Once your documents have been electronically scanned and stored, communicate this new paperless method with your clients. Make sure to address any security concerns, familiarize them with the benefits they’ll experience from the switch, and introduce them to features such as electronic sharing and signing.

What are the Benefits of Going Paperless?

Small and large businesses alike are choosing to go paperless, and there are many reasons to consider the switch for your company:

  • Time Efficiency: Going paperless in the workplace eliminates the need to spend hours organizing, filing, and searching for documents. With a digital filing system, all your files will be easily and immediately accessible. This will allow you to focus more time on important tasks instead of digging through stacks of paper.
  • Organization: Filing cabinets, printers, and shredders take up office space, and your employees can quickly get bogged down with outdated or misplaced files. In a paperless office, your team can reap the benefits of a digital file system by creating a more organized system with less clutter.
  • Decrease Waste: Paper waste production is a major contributor to pollution and deforestation. A paperless office reduces paper consumption and produces far less waste, allowing you to help benefit the environment with a smaller carbon footprint.
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  • Save Money: Digital documents significantly reduce costs for accounting firms by removing the expenses for the storage and printing of physical files.

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