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The tax professionals at Paramount Tax & Accounting Moreno Valley offer professional advice on the best tax strategies for your business or individual financial situation, including savings plans such as 529 college savings plans, or a Roth IRAs to reduce future taxes as well as defer them. Additionally we work with all investment types such as HSAs, 403(b)s, IRAs, and 401(k)s to ensure you pay the lowest taxes possible while still enjoying the benefits that come with investing.

With the help of the Moreno Valley tax advisors at Paramount, we aid you in:

  • Investment Goals - These can be a big help to you by calculating what investments you need to in order to maximize, and boost your investment returns. While they help make the most of your finances, they decrease the risks you’re taking, and ensure that you meet your goals.
  • Saving For Retirement - Most people value their retirement. Paramount Tax & Accounting Moreno Valley takes that into consideration, and evaluates your assets and sources of income. After doing this we find the best advice on how to save the most for you in your retirement stage.
  • Protection - You never know when a tragedy is going to strike, and making sure that you have enough money saved in case of an emergency is important. Looking over insurance coverage, any disability you may have, and your health benefits, will help you to determine what you need to save, and how to make the most of your savings.
  • Passing On Your Savings - Our goal is to increase the financial worth of your estate. We do this by looking into what risks we can minimize. We will single out the negative assets, and factor that into maximizing your estate. We save money by cutting down on the amount of estate taxes, lawyers, and creditors you have to pay for, because of the negative outcome it can have.
  • Education - Examining your assets, and giving you strategies on how to avoid shortfalls, is something that Paramount Tax & Accounting Moreno Valley takes into account. We work to establish a savings plan, provide you with wealth strategies, and help you to save so that you’re able to pay for education costs.

Paramount Tax and AccountingBookkeeping is dedicated to helping you make the most of your financial goals. By using tax strategies, we can help you to reduce any forthcoming taxes that you will have. We want to make sure you make the most of your investments, and get you on the right track to saving your money. Let us help you to invest in a better future. Contact on of the top accountingbookkeeping firms in Moreno Valley today, and schedule a free consultation today.

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Get started with Paramount for your tax services in Moreno Valley, CA, recommended by family and friends every time.


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Charlotte provided excellent service, clear communication and professionalism. Committed to customer satisfaction which makes her highly recommended. She was able to assist and answer questions for taxes that I had.
— James Chuong, Posted June 30th 2023 on google
Charlotte is amazing to work with. I will recommend her services to all of my family and friends.
— Geoff Kautzman, Posted February 1st 2024 on google
Charlotte is a great tax advisor with tons of knowledage and experience. I have enjoyed working with her! Highly recommending her to anyone who might need tax and accounting services!
— Zhina Zhou, Posted January 14th 2024 on google
I've worked with Charlotte for a couple of years. She is quite knowledgeable and very helpful.
— Jon Wilhelm, Posted January 10th 2024 on google
Charlotte is a true professional who provides responsive service to her clients with a high level of attention to detail. She will take care of you!
— John Williams, Posted October 5th 2023 on google
She was very Professional, helpful and prompt. with her service
— Patricia A McClain, Posted September 23rd 2023 on google
Very professional, understandable and a great listener to the needs I had.
— Flat Rate Inspections, Posted September 18th 2023 on google
Charlotte is fantastic! She is knowledgeable, kind, and experienced. I love how she understands what is needed for the specific situation, and explains the solution clearly. I highly recommend choosing Charlotte as your tax professional.
— Max Warford, Posted September 15th 2023 on google
Charlotte is amazing. Her attention to detail is beyond anything I've ever experienced from a tax professional (and I've met plenty) . She's saved me tons of money this year. Thank you Charlotte!
— Will Daddy, Posted July 13th 2023 on google
I wanted to support a small business and stumbled upon Paramount Tax. I met with Charlotte who helped me with the process of my taxes in the field of capital gains/losses with my stock purchases. Charlotte is kind, patient, and very welcoming. I would definitely recommend her for her fields of expertise (there are many...
— Mark Perez, Posted June 15th 2023 on google
Great tax person gave us knowledge and filled out our taxes correctly I will definitely recommend for company taxes and personal.
— Pulidosn Remodeling, Posted May 5th 2023 on google
Very informative. Easy to talk to, she explains everything, so that you understand it. Relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended
— Rik Lik, Posted May 1st 2023 on google
Great explanation, awesome assistance!
— Cruz Meza, Posted April 7th 2023 on google
I would recommend Charlotte. She did my taxes and took time to explain everything. She makes the process easy.
— Diana Ogaldez, Posted April 1st 2023 on google
I have to say hands down best choice I made having Charlotte do my taxes. It was such an easy process from start to finish, she takes the time to answer all your questions and she very knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely be going back to her next year for taxes.
— Amanda Aguilera Tobar, Posted March 18th 2023 on google
Charlotte was absolutely amazing. I just spoke with her and she gave me some super helpful insight to my small business. Her knowledge of taxes was incredible. It made my tax preparation for my small business so much easier. I highly recommend Charlotte for your business tax services and even personal tax services. Bes...
— Hailey Valentine, Posted February 27th 2023 on google
Charlotte Nikolaidis is a real professional! She helped me incorporate my business and setup my business I could not have done it without her thank you Charlotte!
— C Helgeson, Posted February 11th 2023 on google
Charlotte is amazing to work with and so knowledgeable when it comes to both my personal and business needs!
— Adam Wilhelm, Posted February 9th 2023 on google
Absolutly awesome service. Charlotte Nikolaidis was an absolute doll in helping me to find out why my 2021 taxes needed to be fixed as well as explaining to me what happened. Thank you for everything and I will definitely continue to keep going to you for further services.
— theresa barrett, Posted January 28th 2023 on google
Awesome service. Charlotte Nikolaidis was amazing in helping me to figure out how to fix my taxes and find out what I did wrong. She was just perfect.
— Cheyenne Williams, Posted January 28th 2023 on google
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Many people do not know how a professional tax firm differs from a tax preparer. The main difference when working with a professional tax and accountingbookkeeping firm, such as Paramount Tax & Accounting Moreno Valley, is that we know taxes!

Paramount has worked hard to create relationships to deliver the value that our clients expect. In fact, our goal is to be the No. 1 Tax Strategies firm in Moreno Valley. So when you ask yourself, "Where can I find accountingbookkeeping services near me?"... think no further than Paramount Tax & Accounting Moreno Valley!

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Whether you are filing personal taxes or you own a business, if you are not already using a professional tax and accountingbookkeeping firm, you have most likely already missed out on major tax benefits, deductions and credits. This is because a professional tax and accountingbookkeeping firm utilizes licensed professionals, who can not only advise individuals on personal financial matters but who are qualified to advise businesses, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies on a wide range of financial topics. Our strict standards ensure that we understand the complicated tax laws and how to implement strategies that return the most benefits to individuals and businesses. Give Paramount Tax & Accounting Moreno Valley a call or visit our tax and accountingbookkeeping firm in Moreno Valley for a free consultation.

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