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Hear Why Our Clients Love Us

  • Ryan Louden
    Maggie and her team are always very professional and have done a great job for us.
  • Michael Bernier
    Maggie and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, a great team to work with. Definitely recommend.
  • Sarah Goetz
    Maggie is my accountant and she is the absolute BEST. She was able to get me a good tax refund and gave me some great pointers. I HIGHLY recommend her!
  • Quinci C
    Maggie and her staff were actively reaching out and helping make this process so easy. She saved me a lot of money, and went above and beyond to help me. I couldn't compliment this service enough.
  • Marlena Smith
    Loved working with Maggie at Paramount. So grateful for her help. We completed everything with ease.
  • jay aaron
    Maggie and her staff were on top of the ball and kept in contact with me to help me get things done In a timely manner. Any questions I had were answered ASAP and I never have any worries when handing my taxes over. They are awesome!
  • jenne Sanchez
    Maggie was the perfect person to help me with my taxes for the first time. She is so sweet and I feel so much more prepared for the next year!
  • Tom Hover
    So well prepared and professional. The one on one review of my taxes gave me confidence in their tax skills. The whole experience was personal and friendly. Thank you, Tom
  • Alissa Bair
    Maggie is the best! Such a great help, and wonderful at letting you know the process.
  • Jordan Hammond
    Maggie and her team have been so helpful the last couple of years in helping me file my taxes. They are very responsive, helpful, and make me feel confident in submitting my taxes. I highly recommend Maggie for any tax or accounting needs!
  • Vina P
    Just a regular employee with some difficult life situations, however Maggie has helped me with credits I had no idea I qualify for because of my circumstances. She is also so easy to open up to talk to. This is my 2nd year and I’m a client for life.
  • Michael Cadenhead
    She was awesome, would definitely recommend!
  • Levi Oilar
    If you’re going to choose someone to file your taxes, there is no doubt that Maggie Gillespie is who you should choose! She is diligent and hardworking, and provides outstanding service for those she works with! Paramount tax and accounting is lucky to have her as a representative!
  • Jocelyn
    Maggie is an indispensable partner at that time of year we don’t really enjoy, doing our taxes! She is knowledgeable and professional in making sure I have all the required documentation prior to tax time so that it is a smooth process and leaving time to answer any technical questions I may have as well as discuss my overall taxes and offer suggestions on ways I could improve my financial position in the next year. Her financial suggestions have benefited my position. I am so grateful I found someone so thorough and professional!
  • Wade Nielsen
    Zoes has been great with questions while also being clear and timely with communication.
  • Alida Bonane
    Great place
  • sabrilla walker
    I had a great experience here, the receptionist was very helpful with scheduling and uploading my documents. Very professional company would definitely recommend!
  • LifeWithBrilla
    The receptionist was very helpful and nice. Great company and employees!
  • Gary Lown
    I used TurboTax for years not knowing how terrible it was until I decided to grow up and get a real tax professional to do my taxes. I left Maggie with a pile of documents and she came back with the best return I've ever gotten. I was very impressed and I highly recommend them to everyone.
  • Brittney Whiting
    Paramount Tax gets down to Businesses! I’ve always done my Own Taxes Through “TurboTax”… Although it was a simple task for me through TurboTax… Paramount went way above and beyond for Me!. I’m now asking myself how many times I’ve done My Taxes through TurboTax and paid For Taxes I Actually did Not Owe the Federal Government…. After this 2022 tax season I will Never use Turbo Tax again!… Maggie Gillespie, and Zoe have been so Great through this Tax Season, I am now A lifelong supporter of Paramount Tax and Accounting in Orem! 👌🏻