When it comes to achieving the American dream, there are two major milestones that often top many people’s list of goals - buy a home and start a business. Starting a business can seem like a complicated journey that you need to save, plan, and prepare for, for many years. But, not every business owner started out with a safety net. In fact, some business owners start out in debt after taking out loans from banks or family members in order to get their business moving.

Whether you have money saved in the bank, plan to take out a loan, or are just dipping your tie in the water to see what your options are, you need a plan. After all, as many people know, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. A CPA is a great resource for any new business owner, not just for typical accounting services but as an advisor. CPAs understand the complicated world of finance, taxes, and business. A CPA’s experience can help them make projections based on current trends, income, and other factors to provide a new business owner with a realistic roadmap for the company’s future.

If you are thinking of getting a loan, a CPA can provide outside knowledge on current interest rates, potential value of your business to determine what to borrow, and so much more. A CPA can also help you position your business in a way that makes you more attractive to lenders, ensuring you get the best possible loan, allowing you to scale.

Starting a business does not have to be nerve-wracking or stressful. When you partner with the right individuals, who also want to see your business grow, you can focus on bringing your great idea to life instead of worrying about the money.

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